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Esras Films provide a wide range of services across the broadcast and corporate sectors.
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Esras Films has a solid background in television production across many genres and has over the last twenty years accumulated national and international awards.  

In addition to generating positive critical acclaim and attracting strong audiences, Esras productions have generated foreign broadcast sales and distribution.  Esras Productions have been broadcast internationally on such high-profile and diverse stations as Al Jazeera and CNN.

Cumulative experience of the Esras team encompasses television production in over 50 countries worldwide.    

Creativity in delivering a message is key; our first task, however, is to understand your audience.  Our simple but rigorous approach to message, medium and audience has been successful for our many clients and demonstrates our award winning experience and expertise.

Maximising communication opportunities is vital in today's tough commercial world.  Using electronic media is the most effective way to reach your target audience and the most cost-effective answer to generate awareness for your product or service.